Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is your son the next Sex Offender?

Is your son the next Sex Offender?

No!! I hear you scream…. What most people do not realize is just how easy it is to be classified as a sex offender. You don’t have to be the classic guy standing on the street corner with candy and a dog to be convicted as a sex offender. Let me tell you what recently happened to my son…I hope after you read this you will go screaming from the room to track down your State and Federal Congressional Representatives and put an end to this madness. I wish I could tell you that Ben’s story is unique but unfortunately it is becoming far too common—

Ben and Jenny were marriage 6 years ago. They were a happy church going couple. They enjoyed each other’s company and were mildly successful from a financial prospective. Shortly after their marriage however Jenny had an affair with a co-worker. Ben forgave her but was notably affected by her infidelity. Shortly thereafter they had a child, Ben Jr., who was adored by both of them.

Ben however lost his job in the economic downturn and Jen only worked infrequently. Ben went back to school full-time and was busy with school work, job search, family and church responsibilities. Jen began to spend most of her days on the computer and became a frequent visitor of chat-rooms. There she met a man from out-of-state and they began talking about a life together…they also began exchanging sex videos on the internet. During this time Jen increasingly neglected little Ben.

Ben, Sr came home one day to find the house a mess, Ben Jr. left alone in his playroom with the TV, and Jen on the computer with her cyber lover. They argued and Ben lost his temper and hit her. Shortly thereafter she left, contacted the police, returned for her clothes and little Ben who she had left behind.

Jen disappeared for several months with little Ben, pressing charges for domestic battery, obtaining free counsel through a battered woman’s shelter. (She currently lives on government money.)

Ben initiated divorce proceedings and was awarded 40% custody by the courts. For the next several months Jen would show up late with little Ben during Ben Sr.’s court ordered visitation. She would frequently ask for money or other items.

Later she broke back into their house and took 10,000 worth of property. The police refused to get involved claiming it was a civil matter.

Jen continued to show up late for visitation, to require exchanges at the local police station, and to only make exchanges through a court appointed advocate. She also frequently asked Ben’s permission to move out-of-state. She has had multiple boyfriends since the separation and wanted to move in with each. She has also continued to post sex tapes online. During one such tape, little Ben’s voice can be heard in the background talking to Jen and wishing her online lover goodbye.

Ben continued to refuse to give permission for Jen to move-in with her various lovers’ (his permission was required because of a state law that requires an agreement from both parties if a move will take the child more than 100 miles away from the other parent.) Jen also continued to ask for property and money.

Eventually she seemed to warm up to my son again and they met and had sex… (Admittedly a stupid move but for whatever reason he still loves the woman and I believe would take her back in a minute…) After they finished she sat and watched a movie with little Ben, and again asked for money and permission to move out of the area and in with her latest boy friend. Ben refused her.

The next day Ben received a call from a local policeman wanting to talk with him… Jen had accused him of rape. Ben has now spent $25,000 on attorneys and is again without visitation of his son. Though visitation remains court ordered Jen will not bring little Ben for custody exchanges and the police still claim this is a civil issue.

The end of this story has not been written but it is possible that Ben could go to prison, loose parental rights, and be required to register as a sex offender… and all because of false accusation from a woman who wants to be young again and party through life.

If you think it couldn’t happen to your son, you may want to reconsider.